New mid-range GPUs versus old high-end,RX480 4G vs GTX1060 3G vs RX470 vs GTX970

Both AMD and Nvidia should have released all their new generation mid-range graphics cards so far this year, AMD has 8G/4G RX480, RX470, RX470D. NV has 6G/3G version of GTX1060; A card with large amounts of VRAM such as 8G and 6G is usually too expensive, and the games which are heavy VRAM users are rare, so in this review we'll mainly focus on the mid-range garphics cards with moderate amounts of VRAM such as 4GB and 3GB. Gamers prepared to spend between $169 and $239 on this kind of graphics cards have many options, which of these mid-range GPUs makes the most sense to purchase? today yirufanxing published the RX480 4GB vs GTX1060 3GB vs GTX970 Vs RX470 review that basing on the latest drivers, using the latest DX12 titles and the latest DX11 titles. Let's look at the performance difference between these new mid-range graphics cards and the performance difference between they and their previous-gen high-end GTX970 [Read Full Article]

AMD’s third new mid-range graphics card (cut-down iteration), RX470D vs GTX1050Ti review

Since RX480's release, the price of RX480 was on the high side, its launch price was $294+, after all, RX480 was a new model on a new architecture built with a new process node. In order to capture more mid-range market share, AMD has released two cheaper card based two cut-down versions of the RX480 GPU, they are RX470 and RX470D. In terms of Stream processor count RX470 is cut down to 2048, RX470D is further cut down to 1792, for comparison RX 480 is 2304. In terms of price RX470 is about $220, RX470D is about $193, for comparison NV's GTX1050Ti is $191, you will find that a RX470D costs little more than a GTX1050Ti. So, obviously, the RX470D’s goal is to beat NV’s similarly-priced GTX1050Ti while using a larger GPU to do so [Read Full Article]