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Yirufanxing(which means “as the stars” in Chinese) provides professional and self-dependent graphic card reviews, Unlike most media review articles which rely on fool-style benchmark tools with fixed gaming scenarios out of touch with actual experiences, yirufanxing tests each and every graphics card in real-world gaming scenarios and evaluate the actual and real-life performance of such cards. With this advanced epoch-making review approach, gaming enthusiasts are able to choose their favorite graphics cards with 100% confidence as they have seen each card in action in the most intuitive fashion and compared the deep-down or even per-frame performance of various graphic cards. When choosing a graphics card, yirufanxing can be your most trust-worthy references as it is always under the test of all gamers for authenticity and practicality. Anyone with a slight rational sense would know that regardless of how they are conducted, the advertising-type reviews from those large-scale commercial websites always come down to brainwashing and hype ( although they appear to be reviews made for your reference ) , for which purpose they need to sort out a set of crooked and prejudiced data and materials that seems professional but stink of money in nature. Even the reviewers from those media are unsure about their data, ( so much so they secretly check out yirufanxing’s reviews ), so please read their reviews with caution.
This site(yirufanxing.com) is yirufanxing personal site. If you like independent hardware reviews, Remember yirufanxing’s web site: yirufanxing.com (When you google “yirufanxing” on the Internet, the first result displayed as “yirufanxing’s blog” is this blog)